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Steering Committee

The purpose of the steering committee is to assess the progress of the grant objectives; identify and remedy existing barriers to success; provide counsel on direction and prioritization of action items; promote ADVANCE-VCU initiatives; disseminate information across multiple levels and campuses; and encourage participation in programs and adoption of policies.


External Advisory Board

The purpose of the external advisory board is to provide guidance and assist with identifying best practices to be institutionalized at VCU.


Social Science Research Project Team

The social science research project team will conduct the social science research project, manage data collected through surveys and in-depth interviews, and disseminate research findings.


Culture Change Program Team

The culture change program team will serve as a working team to enable transformative change through the ITC Facilitator Program and strengthen the recruitment process to hire STEM women across intersecting identities. The committee will also serve in an advisory capacity to the leadership team.


Policy and Practices Change Program Team

The policy and practices change program team serves as a working team to strengthen promotion and tenure policies, procedures and practices, and bolster career-life integration policies and practices. The team also serves in an advisory capacity to the leadership team.


Faculty Development Program Team

The faculty development program team works to develop department chairs as agents of change and improve professional development opportunities for women of intersecting identities at all ranks. It also serves in an advisory capacity to the leadership team.


Evaluation Team


ADVANCE Leadership Team